Influencer marketing done safely and on a budget

It’s no doubt that influencer marketing is, by any standard, a flourishing industry.

The growth of influencers on social media platforms is rising fast. In fact, during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands and companies are employing influencer marketing strategies to remain competitive in business.


A nano-influencer typically has an audience of between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. They share common niche interests; in other words, they appeal to very particular groups.

Brands work with them because of the following reasons:

Authenticity: Getting organic content that’s relatable and original is one thing that nano-influencers will deliver. Nano-influencers build an authentic basis of trust with their followers because they’re approachable and relatable.

Greater engagement rates: A better way of getting higher engagement rates is through nano-influencers. The exciting thing is that they tend to be fans of the brands they post, and a big chunk of their followers are people they know and interact with often.

Exhibit a competitive edge: If you’re a brand that tends to underestimate an influencer’s power with a small audience, you better think again. This is because a nano-influencer resides in an uncontested space where you can control their posts and build on their followers simultaneously.

As they may be newbies in advertising, you may give them a detailed brief, but do not chain them with strict requirements concerning how they communicate with their followers.


These are influencers that have between 5,000 to 100,000 followers.

So why do brands work with micro-influencers?

As an advertiser, you may think that an account with over 1 million followers is the best to promote your product or service. But that may not be the case; their level of engagement is actually lower than that of micro-influencers.

Let me put you into perspective.

Micro-influencers posts hold an elevated level of quality in terms of camera quality or editing proficiencies, and often posted regularly. Several of them may have secured contracts for recurring sponsorships and/or brand ambassadorships for brands or sponsored Instagram posts.

In a nutshell, they pride in getting consistent brand agreements that have led to a viable income stream.

Here’s why brands work with them:

Great fit for groundswell approach: If you want to reach as many audiences as possible, micro-influencers is the route to follow. This is what I’d refer to as the groundswell approach to influencer marketing by beginning small and building up systematically.

Ideally, the approach resonates well with brand awareness and exposure as it presents you with a chance to saturate the market with your brand and product.

Additionally, this approach enables the target influencers to be continuously exposed to the brand through numerous outlets.

Gurus in content creation: Driving traffic is one thing, but having authentic content creation is another. It follows that micro-influencers are cost-effective, and despite them not having a huge following, they create great content.

From written, video, to imagery and also multimedia content that brands are searching on a budget without compromising on quality.

Personal and authentic: If you’re asking what triggers an audience to engage with one influencer than another, then here’s the answer. An audience will associate with an authentic influencer, who brings out a particular tone, has content aesthetic, and, most importantly, can be personalized with the audience.

Micro-influencers value their growing community, and they’re readily available to engage with followers both offline and online, reply to comments, and even attend events.

Establishing the best type of influencers to fit your marketing strategy is critical. And the moment you mention nano and micro-influencers, it rings a bell to several marketers that know about influencer marketing.

As you strive to establish your right fit, remember first to understand your audience, the type of content that they want, the kind of campaigns you’re running, and how far you can go with the budget. Influencer marketing is here to stay; therefore, you can get the best out of it and achieve your goal as an advertiser.

The big question is; How do I use this method of advertising at a budget effectively and where do I start without losing my money to online scammers?

The best way to achieve success using this method is using platforms that contain vetted influencers and are able to verify these influencers post whatever you agree upon as the entrepreneur, platforms are coming up everyday but unfortunately most of them end up taking the money, colluding with influencers and deliver a raw deal or ignore you fully, However there are some that stand out such as that have overtime proven genuine and efficient, in this platform entrepreneurs have two options;

  • One, the entrepreneur can sign up (absolutely free) find the influencers in their field or niche, agree with the influencer on the terms, provide the content they wish to be marketed agree on the number of times and social media channels to target and agree on the price, once this is done the entrepreneur deposits the money on the platform, the money is held in an ESCROW account by the company until all the terms on the contract are achieved and the entrepreneur confirms their satisfaction with the delivery only then influencer receives the money thus ensuring both parties are satisfied while eliminating fraud
  • Two, this platform provides a very special feature known as AUTO ADS , this allows entrepreneurs to upload their advertising content even without signing up, selecting the countries to be targeted as well as chose their own budget and influencer reach then the platform uses its experts to select for the entrepreneur the best suited influencers for their product to maximize results. This feature has become extremely popular with entrepreneurs since it takes off most of the workload from the advert owner of constantly dealing with sometimes unresponsive influencers and is proving very effective.

The platform has greatly improved struggling entrepreneurs with small budget get on their feet again as well as maintain their customers by ensuring entrepreneurs with online store with shopify, amazon, Alibaba, ebay or any other online or physical store have an edge in their business by swimming with the current

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